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Update From NDCC On Serving Our Local Community

Dear Friends and Partners,

I wanted to share with our friends and partners an update that I recently received from one of my pastors.  It is so important that we, as the body of Christ, are the hands and feet of Jesus.  Not only do we need to preach the Gospel, but we need to BE the Gospel.  I call it, “Putting sneakers to the Gospel”.  Thank you to everyone who makes this possible.

Good afternoon Pastor,

I wanted to take a moment and reflect on the partnership between NDCC and WES. It is a joy and honor to serve the faculty and staff and the student body. Here are the NDCC Top 15:

  • Faculty and Staff lounge renovation with new furniture and paint.
  • Daily stocking of staff lounge with snacks and waters.
  • Provided every student with a back pack filled with school supplies.
  • Purchased Wheatley polo shirts for faculty and staff.
  • Purchasing of weekly award for all students of the week.
  • Provide gift cards and door prizes for PTA events.
  • Provide a staff member from church to run and teach the Media Club.
  • Provide weekly staff members from church to mentor through MY Brothers Keeper program.
  • Provide staff members and volunteers from church to read in classrooms.
  • Provided assistance to needy Wheatley families for Thanksgiving.
  • Provided Christmas gifts to many classes for School Christmas party.
  • Provided the refreshments and snacks for faculty and Staff Christmas party.
  • Provided emotional and financial assistance to family of Wheatley student who tragically died. Worked with the school in meeting the needs of the family.
  • Church staff sits on the Mayor’s Community Action Team representing the needs and concerns of Wheatley Elementary School.
  • Church has a daily presence on the campus and is ready to assist wherever needed and to be the support for the Principal and his initiatives.

This was a good exercise for me to go through and see how the good people of NDCC are serving our adopted school. Thanks again for allowing us the privilege of being the hands and feet of Jesus to your campus.

For the Children, Pastor Todd

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Paula White-Cain Inauguration Prayer

We come to you, heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus with grateful hearts, thanking you for this great country that you have decreed to your people. We acknowledge we are a blessed nation with a rich history of faith and fortitude, with a future that is filled with promise and purpose.

We recognize that every good and every perfect gift comes from you and the United States of America is your gift, for which we proclaim our gratitude.

As a nation, we now pray for our president, Donald John Trump, vice president, Michael Richard Pence, and their families. We ask that you would bestow upon our president the wisdom necessary to lead this great nation, the grace to unify us, and the strength to stand for what is honorable and right in your sight.

In Proverbs 21:1, you instruct us that our leader’s heart is in your hands. Gracious God, reveal unto our president the ability to know the will, your will, the confidence to lead us in justice and righteousness, and the compassion to yield to our better angels.

While we know there are many challenges before us, in every generation you have provided the strength and power to become that blessed nation. Guide us in discernment, Lord, and give us that strength to persevere and thrive.

Now bind and heal our wounds and divisions, and join our nation to your purpose. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, the psalmists declared.

Let your favor be upon this one nation under God. Let these United States of America be that beacon of hope to all people and nations under your dominion, a true hope for humankind.

Glory to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. We pray this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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Paula White-Cain Remarks on President Trump’s Inauguration on January 22, 2017

I think many of you know now I just returned from Washington and I really, really give God all the praise and all the honor, and I want you to hear from me from my heart.  This has [been] for me (and I’m just talking from my personal level) little to do with government and more to do with the assignment of God upon my life.

15 years ago I received a call from now-President Trump and he was watching three sermons on Value of Vision.  He was watching Christian television, and he said, “Are you ever up in New York?” And I said, “Well, I am sometimes.”  I said I was doing the Yankee’s bible study. (Now that was when they were winning.  They are going to win again!  They got to bring me back up to do the bible study. Amen.)  I was doing their bible study so I went up and I was asked to pray, and asked to pray over I think maybe the first Apprentice and a few different things, and a relationship began to build like I have with many people on the earth, many people all over the world.

Sometimes I believe that your footsteps are ordered by God.  I believe that.  I believe that God orders your footsteps, and so I often ask the Lord, when I encounter different people in my life, “What’s my assignment?”  That’s just because thy kingdom come thy will be done.  What’s your plan?  And the Lord spoke to me.

Now I’m not minimizing in any what [happened prior to our meeting]- because he was confirmed as a Presbyterian and grew up in church in his faith, and when I say what God spoke to me is from my perspective.  Because if I said to you, “God spoke to me”, I don’t want to take away your testimony versus what God speaks to me as your pastor.

So, the Lord spoke to me and said, “Show them who I am” which just literally meant that I had an assignment to pray, and stay in the word, and just for me what I call being a Christian before someone all the time.  And so over the years, that relationship – not with just this family but also his staff and like many people in my life continue to grow – little did I ever recognize or know that it would turn into where it is today.  And I say that I’m very humbled and honored because by the goodness and the grace of God that the Lord allowed me to partake because I see myself as just the girl next door that loves God.  I came from very messed-up Mississippi background.  But God can take anyone or anything and do great things with Him.  And so I see Christ in me that I can do all things through Christ Jesus.  And it’s through who Christ is, not through who we are, but who Christ is in us.

So by that yielded life I believe that God can use you for anything and do anything.  So when I was 18 years old, the Lord spoke to me and said you’ll see nations shaken.  Now, I always thought that’s through the media ministry.  We were on 47 different networks.  We’re reaching a potential 2 billion people and everything.  And there are things I said I’ll never be a part of. Never say “never” to God.

I have been a part of just gathering great men and women of God and just praying.  Our assignment has truly been to be Christians to pray because we’re instructed in that and to stand in that lane.  So it was a great honor, and I can’t not address it.  To be the first female clergy [to pray at the Presidential Inauguration].

If there is a little girl or young woman who looks up and says, “I cannot just pray for the president, I can be a pastor. I can be the president.  I can be anything through Christ Jesus.” All that you go through to do every assignment God gives you, it’s all worth it.  But the greater thing than that, much greater than breaking that ceiling, much greater for me – they say it was the most clergy and the most prayer that had ever happened at any inauguration that was prayed in the name of Jesus Christ.

I know if we lift up the name of Jesus, he will draw all men unto Him.  You see, we can spend 10 hours a day praying, but if you don’t know who you’re praying to, and if you don’t know how to pray, and if you don’t pray in the name of Jesus…

It’s only because of who Jesus Christ is and so I was real excited about that.  I’m grateful, and I’m honored, and I thank you. New Destiny, I thank you.  I don’t talk about it much from the pulpit, but I do talk about who Jesus is.  And for me, it’s about an assignment and you already know my belief.  My belief is this nation, as American citizens, is our assignment and responsibility to see God in our nation. First in Jerusalem and to the outermost parts of the world.  And so we know that what we were found at home are the values of the word of God, and as such, we must hold up the standard of Jesus Christ.  I am not ashamed of the Gospel and the power thereof.  Amen.  So thank you for your love and your prayers because it means the world.

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From Paula

I have a word for you about 2017. Don’t miss this!

Happy New Year! 2017 is going to be year of divine setup. I wanted to get this email out to you as soon as possible. I believe this is important that you get this message as you enter into 2017 because God is raising you up as His people to seize their Divine Opportunity for His kingdom and purpose.

God is a God of timing. It’s your time! The enemy didn’t mind you being IN church as long as you were not BEING the church. But 2017 is about divine opportunity for those who are in place, in position, and in purpose.

According to Ecclesiastes 3, for everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven. Now is NOT the time to hold your peace. Now is the time to SEIZE your divine opportunity. Do NOT hold back. God says if you hold back at this time, you will miss out on what is about to come forth just like in Esther 4. 2017 is YOUR TIME!

You may have been overlooked. You may have been discounted as irrelevant. But God is about to reward you for what you have been faithful with in secret. God has not overlooked you. God has already accepted you and now you will be receiving His endorsement. God is the one that promotes. God is the one that lifts up. God is the one that raises one up and sets another down.

God has placed you into position for such a time as this. There are seasons that are fixed and appointed times. You are entering into a time that has been set into eternity that is fullness of manifestation in the earth. Everything you went through has been preparation (cut in advance) for the life God is putting you in. This life is greater than the one you have been living. Get ready to be elevated! Thy kingdom come, thy will be done in the earth as it is in heaven.

God has already made decisions and determinations about you. What has been fixed in heaven and eternity is about to be superimposed in time, in place, and in order. God wants you to be a participater, not a spectator. It is your time to “get in the game”. You will no longer sit on the sidelines.

In 2017, there will be no more setbacks and no more delays. Every demonic cycle that has followed through your bloodline and generations will be broken. Everything that has been held back in captivity including promises from God and prophetic words will be released from captivity. They will no longer be held back.

I call forth divine closure to unresolved issues in your life and in your family. I declare and prophetically proclaim that affliction and grief will not come to your house a second time. It will not visit you in 2017. I declare an end to anything that causes you to be in a state of grief. You will walk in a joy that you have never experienced before. It will be a joy that is unspeakable!

It is your time for the next level. This is a shift in season.

When you do not discern the shifts of your seasons you will experience lack. It is possible to be in a season that you are not cooperating with. Therefore, it is critical that you know what “time” it is.

This is 2017. The number “17” stands out very prominently as a significant number. It’s not a multiple of any other number and therefore it has no factors. That’s why it’s called one of the prime (or indivisible) numbers. What’s even greater – it’s the 7th in the list of prime numbers. Which intensifies the significance of the #7

“17” is the sum of 2 perfect numbers, 7 and 10. “7” is the number of spiritual perfection. “10” is the number of ordinal perfection. This means “10” is used to show order or the position of someone or something in a series. It is the completeness of order.


For those who have an ear to hear and a heart to respond by faith… GET READY FOR DIVINE ALIGNMENT. God is putting you in position and in place for His purposes to manifest .

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